Brief Statement for NAVBO/Vasculata Mentoring Program
Please include the model system(s) covered in your lab, any disease or conditions you study, and area(s) of focus
such as lymphatics, inflammation, development, etc.

I am a PhD basic scientist with expertise in vascular biology. We use zebrafish, mice and human cell culture to investigate our questions.

I am an immigrant to the US, and pursued a PhD degree in Augusta University, and Post-doc fellowship at Harvard. I joined NCI as an independent faculty investigator (NCI Scholar) and was recruited to Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI where I serve as Professor of Pediatrics.

My research interests include cell and developmental biology, specifically angioblast development in vertebrates, the role of axon guidance genes in vascular development, and translational disease models in fish.

I can provide guidance on career trajectories, scientific trajectories and aspects of academic medicine that may interest some scientists. I also can provide mentees perspective on what qualities you need to achieve success in academics.